tisdag 22 september 2009

SVEN 9:an v. 39-40

SVEN år 9

Har nu gjort en planering till er i SVEN-gruppen. Det är det här som gäller de här två veckorna. Vi har prov innan höstlovet på läsförståelse och hörförståelse. Provet kommer att betygssättas och resultaten från proven lämnas till ansvarig lärare.

V. 39

Onsdag 23/9:
Read ”Numerology” on page 14-15 in base book.
Read the text and find out which number you are.
Read the right text.
Then, do the three marks on page 15 in your writingbook.
When you are finish, do the exercises in activity book on page 14-15. Write in your writingbook.

Torsdag 24/9:
Listen to “I could eat a horse” in Basebook page 18.
Who said what? Write in your writingbook.
Do the practice speaking with one or two friends. Do you agree or disagree with Jane? Use the boxes on page 19 when you are talking.
When you are finish, do the things you aren’t done with from last lesson.

V. 40

Tisdag 29/9:
Read “Personality” on page 16 in base book with a friend.
Do B in your writingbook.
Ask me for a worksheet. Write down ten words that describe a person you know well.

Onsdag - Teater.

Torsdag 1/10:
Listening to “Numbers in your ears” on page 9 in activity book. Do the exercise in your writingbook.
When we are finish, do the quiz on page 12 in activity book. Write which answer you choose in your writingbook. Answer the questions on page 13.

V. 41

Tisdag 6/10:
Read “Relations” on page 16 in activity book.
Do exercise A, B, C in your writingbook.

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